Friday, April 20, 2012

Saint Mike's History professors have a pizza break between sessions

Here we are eating pizza and getting ready for the next session of wonderful students!

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Location:Saint Ed's 102

New History Department member!

An unexpected participant in the student research day was the newest member of the History Department : Liam Purcell!

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Location:Saint Mike's

Spring Semester Senior Thesis!

Here we are at the end of the year and hearing the wonderful thesis presentations of our Spring crop of graduating seniors. The topics were as varied as the students' interests; we learned about the Devil, Genghis Khan, John Eliot and the Peace Corps. The department is proud of the work our students have done and all that they have accomplished in their four years here at Saint Mike's!

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Location:Saint Edmund's Hall

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saint Michael's Student named as best paper presenter at Phi Alpha Theta conference

Matt Phillips was recognized as best presenter at the Phi Alpha Theta regional student conference on April 14, 2012 at Plattsburgh, NY. His study, "Revolution, Identity, and the Early American Textbook," examined the evolution of national identity through the texts of early American textbooks.

Congratulations, Matt!

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Location:Plattsburgh, NY

Saint Michael's students shine at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference

History students Jacob (Jake) Carleen, Matthew Phillips, and Mary Farnsworth presented formal papers at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional History Honors conference. They made us proud with their professional delivery of original research and writing. Their attendance at the conference marks the end of very distinguished academic careers here at Saint Mike's as all three will graduate this next month.

Jake's paper focused on the story of Blues singer, Memphis Minnie, and the connection between the experiences of African Americans in the Depression. Matt's paper focused on the connection between national identity and the development of a national creation story in early history textbooks. Mary's paper looked at the WWI experiences of Albert Fray, shell shock and the larger story of the soldiers who returned with severe mental and physical disabilities.

We are all very proud of Jake, Matt, and Mary!

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Location:Plattsburgh, N.Y.